Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The Tanzania Non-communicable Diseases Alliance (TANCDA) is constituted by;

  • The Centre for Counselling, Nutrition and Health Care (COUNSENUTH)
  • Heart Foundation of Tanzania (HFT)
  • Nephrology Society of Tanzania (NESOT)
  • Nutrition Health and Development Center (NUDEC)
  • Sickle Cell Association (SCA)
  • Tanzania Association for Respiratory Diseases (TARD)
  • Tanzania Cancer Society (TACASO)
  • Tanzania Oncology Society (TOS)
  • Tanzania Diabetes Association (TDA)
  • Tanzania Network Against Alcohol Abuse (TAAnet)
  • The Organization for Awareness on NCDs (TOANCDs)
  • Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum (TTCF)
  • Grassroots Initiative for Youth and Elderly Development Organization (GIYEDO)
  • Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA)
  • Associazione Ruvuma Onlus (ARO)
  • Tanzania Lymphedema Organization (TLO)
  • Tanzania Human Genetics (THGO)