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What we do

TANCDA works to create the necessary infrastructure to efficiently coordinate the activities of the associations so that they work in harmony for a common goal. Its success depends on the level to which it allows free participation and expression by all members and anyone else interested, fairness, accountability, transparency and efficiency all of which are reflected in the constitution of TANCDA and its constituent associations.

TANCDA focuses on developing its capacity for outreach, lobbying/advocacy, governance, patient education and support and strengthening its popular support by membership recruitment and branding itself via events, services for the patients in form of education and support, and media coverage.


  • Outreach/ Screening of NCDs
  • Patient support
  • Provision of NCDs educational materials to community and health care providers
  • Canceling and consultation services to NCD patients
  • Training of HCPs on various aspects of diagnosis and management of NCDs


  1. Supporting implementation of the National NCD Program launched in November 2021
  2. Support the implementation of the National STEPS survey.
  3. Seek funding and logistical support to strengthen community efforts to improve local knowledge about NCDs prevention and treatment.
  4. Support scientific research on NCDs: causes, prevention and treatment.
  5. Support the integration of services at all levels of care
  6. To enter into any arrangement with any government or authorities (municipal, local or otherwise) or any corporation, company or person that may seem conducive to the Alliance.
  7. Engage media houses, editors and journalists in prevention and control of NCDs
  8. Create patient peer support groups


TANCDA does a lot of Networking and multi-sectoral collaboration:

  • Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, elderly and Children
  • President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government
  • Danish NCD Alliance
  • East Africa NCD Alliance
  • African NCD Network
  • Global NCD Alliance
  • Health Action International
  • NCDs related Associations
  • International development Law Organization
  • World Diabetes Foundation/ Novo Nordisk
  • Novartis
  • WHO